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Many people are frustrated by the lack of availability of good personal care products that are safe to use. Making your own deodorant is not only very simple but quite a lot of fun. See the suggestions for do-it-yourself deodorants. . .

  Bottles and Pipettes

Euro Cobalt Glass Dropper

15 ml 1" width by 2.75" height
30 ml 1.25" width by 3.375" height
100 ml 1.875" width by 4.125" height

Each bottle comes with a white reducer cap for dispensing essential oils by the drop.

Select Bottle Size

Geen Euro Bottles, 5 ml.


Green Euro Bottle, 5 ml.

These bottles have reducers and white caps. Use them for making your own blends or giving as gifts.


Frosted Green Roll On, .35 oz.

Frosted Green Roll On Applicator

This bottle allows you to mix oils and apply as you would a perfume or insect repellent. The bottles hold about a third of an ounce, 10 milliliters.




Small Transfer Pipettes

These are packages of small pipettes for filling the vials or bottles with small quantities of essential oil. There are 12 to a bag.



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