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  Pitta Dosha

Guduchi Extract, 2 oz.

Guduchi is one of the most famous detoxifying herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and improves cognitive functioning and recall but its main claim to fame is its power to reduce toxins and even to protect the body from the harmful effects of toxins. It enjoys the status of a rasayana or rejuvenative herb and was traditionally used for three years in order to promote longevity and imperviousness to toxins.

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30 drops in a small amount of water, 2 to 3 times daily, or as directed by your health care provider. Shake well before using.

Ingredients: 1:4 extract of organically grown Tinospora cordifolia stem tincture in Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol, and Vegetable Glycerin.

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Healthy Pitta

Healthy Pitta, 90 tablets

This formula is intended for use by those with temporary or longer-term excess pitta. It is used to cool and calm the mind and liver.

Special notes: Ayurveda teaches that pitta tends to be stronger during the time roughly from puberty to middle age, the time when responsibilities and the demanding rajasic activities of the world are felt most strongly. To remain calm and centered, cooling and nourishing herbs are used to reduce toxicity and replenish depleted systems of the body.

Ingredients: Brahmi leaf (Centella asiatica)*, Bhringaraj leaf (Eclipta alba)*, Guduchi stem (Tinospora cordifolia)*, Shatavari root (Asparagus racemosus)*, Manjista root (Rubia cordifolia)*, Bhumyamalaki herb (Phyllanthus fraternus)*, Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare)*.

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Kaishore Guggulu, 90 tablets, 300 mg

Kaishore Guggulu is a pitta reducing formula. It supports removal of toxins and relief of inflammation, especially in the joints and muscles. In Ayurveda, this formula is used for pitta conditions where there is sharp pain, such as with arthritis and bursitis. It is cooling and can be used in conditions in which there is redness and irritation.

Ingredients: Guggulu resin, Commiphora mukul; Guduchi herb, Tinospora cordifolia; Ginger root, Zingiber officinale; Pippali fruit, Piper longum; Black Pepper fruit, Piper nigrum; Danti root, Baliospermum montanum; Nishoth root, Operculina turpethum; Amalaki fruit, Emblica officinalis; Bibhitaki fruit, Terminalia belerica; Haritaki fruit, Terminalia chebula.

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Neem Extract, 2 oz.

Neem is regarded as a potent detoxifier. It has antimicrobial and antifungal effects as well as blood sugar lowering properties. It is also antiparasitic, clearing both the larva and ova.

15 drops 2 times a day or as directed by your health care provider. Shake well before using.

Ingredients: 1.5 extract of organically grown Azadirachta indica leaf in Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol, and Vegetable Glycerin.

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Organic Neem Tablets

Neem, 90 tablets

Neem is an exceedingly detoxifying herb that is especially valuable in removing excess pitta and kapha. It is very bitter and cooling. Vata types can combine neem with some warming herbs to offset its cooling effects. Neem is used to purify the blood, cleanse the liver, and boost immunity.

Ingredients: Neem leaf, Azadirachta indica*.

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Pitta Digest, 90 tablets [Formerly Digest Ease]

Ayurveda places enormous emphasis on the importance of good digestion and assimilation. This formula promotes digestive fire without aggravating the pitta dosha or irritating the delicate membrane lining of the stomach and intestines.

Special note: For biliousness, consider using with the Liver Formula. For gastritis, stomach ulcers or hyperacidity, use in conjunction with Shatavari. For vata-related digestive complaints, consider Hingvastak. For kapha-related digestive complaints, consider Trikatu.

Ingredients: Guduchi herb, Tinospora cordifolia;* Amalaki fruit, Emblica officinalis;* Cumin seed, Cuminum cyminum;* Coriander seed, Coriandrum sativum;* Fennel seed, Foeniculum vulgare;* Ajamoda seed, Apium graveolens;* Licorice root, Glycyrrhiza glabra;* Cardamom seed, Elettaria cardamomum;* Ginger root, Zingiber officinale;* Cinnamon bark, Cinnamomum cassia.*

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Soothing Skin Balm - Ayurvedic Ointment for Pitta Conditions

Soothing Skin Balm, 4 oz.

This is a pitta reducing formula. It can be used to reduce the heat, irritation, itchiness, and scaling and redness associated with rashes and toxic heat. Ayurveda sees the skin as an auxillary eliminatory organ, used to rid the body of toxins or excess fire. Neem and guduchi possess natural antibacterial and antifungal properties while manjista and anantamul aid in the removal of toxins and the oils restore moisture to the skin. This formula is best used in conjunction with Blood Cleanse and Triphala so that external treatment is supported by proper internal detoxification.

Ingredients: Castor Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Beeswax*, Manjista root (Rubia cordifolia)*, Anantamul root (Hemidesmus indicus)*, Guduchi stem (Tinospora cordifolia)*, Neem leaf* (Azadirachta indica)*, Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)*, Vetiver essential oil.

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Stone Breaker Extract, 2 oz.

Phyllanthus amarus in known in South America as "chanca piedra" or breaker of stones. There, it is used mainly for kidney stones but also for gall stones and many other disorders ranging from malaria to liver cancer. In Ayurvedic medicine Phyllanthus amarus is known as bhumi amalaki. It is revered as a major detoxifying and liver rejuvenative herb. It is recommended that it be used in small amounts over a long period of time. Modern studies support traditional uses and suggest that Phyllanthus amarus prevents mutation of liver cells when exposed to carcinogens.

Ingredients: Phyllanthus amarus leaf extract, 1:3, in Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol, and Vegetable Glycerin.

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