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Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers

These beautiful bottles make a wonderful gifts. They can be used in any room for ambiance or to alleviate odors in the bathroom, gym, or elsewhere. Add a few bottles of essential oil and you have a chance to be remembered fondly by the recipient

Capsule Machine and Empty Vegetarian Capsules

Most capsules we find today are made from animal products, often imported from dubious sources. Using vegetarian capsules reduces risks of contamination and also lowers the cost of using herbs. These handy devices make 24 capsules at a time, just about the right amount for turmeric, an herb that is notorious for dissolving capsules.

Suribachi, Pestle, and Tea Infuser

Since many health conscious people are growing or making their own teas and medicines, this section of site offers a few items to make life easier.



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