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Herbal FormulasSacred Medicine Sanctuary offers a specialty line of extremely high quality herbal formulas. Our herbs are organically grown or consciously wildcrafted and sustainably harvested. They are extracted in water, organic cane alcohol, organic vegetable glycerine, or apple cider vinegar. The elixirs are made with organic honey or molasses. No corners are ever cut in order to produce the best possible product and one with full potency. All liquid formulas can be special ordered in larger size bottles, such as 16 oz., 32 oz., and 128 oz. amber glass containers.

Our essential oils, ointments, medicated oils, and emergency kit items, such as Dragon's Blood, are in violet glass bottles to protect them from UV damage and extend shelf life. We recommend that you save these marvelous bottles to use for making your own blends.



Compound Syrup Scrophuria: Seneca Elixir

The Hoxsey Tonic: Sundance Elixir, also available as glycerite

Phytolacca Syrup

Yellow Dock Elixir

Single Herbs
A-C || D- K || L-R || S-Z

Immune Herbs || Mold Herbs

Oral Chelation || Parasite Herbs

Ayurvedic Herbs || Rain Forest Herbs || Women's Herbs


Immunity: Astragalus

Mold: Jatoba

Parasites: Artemisia Annua || Black Walnut

Herbal BLends
We offer a wide variety of proprietary blends of herbs, mainly for immune enhancement, mold exposure, and parasite cleansing. In addition there are many formulas that support the stress of conventional cancer treatments, that help people to resist smoking, and that protect against some of the side effects of radiation exposure.
This section includes preparations for topical use including medicated oils, ointments, liniments, poultices, and powders.
Boldo || Chaparral || Yarrow

Lymphatic Teas: Cleavers Tea || Violet Tea

Wild Oregano Oil

Essential Oils

5 ml

We offer a selection of about 40 different extremely high quality, 100% pure essential oils. The bottles with red lines on the labels are warnings not to ingest the oil.

Diffuser Blend

30 ml

Our most popular essential oil is Ingrid's proprietary blend for diffusing, developed mainly for use in mold-contamined spaces. Consistent diffusing for some time will inhibit mold growth.

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