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Dr. John Christopher

Dr. Christopher had a highly successful clinical practice for many years until dedicating his time and energy to teaching, writing, and training the next generations of herbalists. Many of his formulas are remarkably effective and bear witness to the timelessness of good medicine.


Black Drawing Ointment, 2 oz.

Apply externally as needed or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For external use only. Refrigerate after opening.

Alcohol: none

Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chaparral Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Red Clover Blossom, Mullein Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Chickweed Herb, Pine Tar, Mutton Tallow & Beeswax.


Ear & Nerve Formula Extract, 2 oz.

As a herbal supplement take 3 drops to 1 teaspoon or externally as needed or as directed by your health care professional. This used to be called B & B.

Alcohol: 36-42%

Contents: Black Cohosh Root, Blue Cohosh Root, Blue Vervain Herb, Scullcap Herb & Lobelia Herb in pure grain alcohol.


Herbal Bolus Powder, 8 oz.

This is the combination of herbs recommended by Dr. John Christopher. The powders need to be mixed with coconut butter for form suppositories that can be used vaginally or rectally to detoxify the reproductive and eliminatory systems. The powder can also be mixed with water and used as a poultice to relieve itchiness and inflammation.

Alcohol: none

Contents: organic yellow dock root, organic comfrey root, chickweed herb, organic slippery elm bark, organic goldenseal root, organic mullein leaf, organic marshmallow root, and squaw vine herb.


Herbal Tooth Powder, 2 oz.

Use the same as toothpaste. Put a little in a small dish or the palm of your hand, wet toothbrush, dip into the powder, and brush. Use at least two to three times a day.

Alcohol: none

Contents: Horsetail, Peppermint Leaf, White Oak Bark, Cloves, Prickly Ash Bark, Bayberry Bark, Slippery Elm Bark & Stevia Herb.


Red Sun Balm, 2 oz.

Red Sun Balm is an ointment made with cayenne that has some escharotic action but is generally more useful on lipomas. It can sting but seldom burns. It is often used in conjunction with German Kermesberro, another preparation developed by Dr. John Christopher.

Alcohol: none



Yellow Dock Elixir, 4 oz.

For a long time, Sacred Medicine Sanctuary produced a yellow dock glycerite based on the work of Dr. John Christopher. It was used to rebuild red blood cells. This replacement of the original product combines Rumex crispus with Celastrus scandens and Scrophularia nodosa, two of the main ingredients in the Seneca Elixir. It is made with pure blackstrap molasses to increase the benefit.

Alcohol: 14%

Contents: Rumex crispus is combined with Ziziphus jujuba fruit and Scrophularia nodosa. It is extracted in organic grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine, and distilled water and then blended with pure blackstrap molasses because of the minerals in molasses.



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