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Goji Tonic

This tonic was formulated with cancer patients in mind. It was developed mainly to help people undergoing conventional treatments, especially chemotherapy. It has goji berries from Mongolia for the liver and blood, hawthorn berries for the heart, astragalus for immunity, milk thistle for the liver, galangal for nausea and indigestion, and cinnamon for digestion and taste. It is available as an alcohol extract as well as a glycerite that has significantly less alcohol and less "bite" for those who are not used to herbal tinctures.


Goji Berry Tonic

Suitable for use in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, but can be used also to tonify the liver, heart, and blood and improve digestion.

Contains: Mongolian goji berries, hawthorn berries, milk thistle, astragalus, galangal, and cinnamon bark in distilled water, organic grain alcohol, and vegetable glycerin. Alcohol: approximately 35%. Available also as a glycerite preparation.

pdf on mercury toxicity Goji Tonic, 4 pages

Alcohol 35% $


Glycerite, alcohol 17% $


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